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T3 Systems welcomes you to the future at Exhibitor Live 2019

Exhibitor Live 2019 provided a worldwide platform for T3 Systems to introduce some of its newly innovated solutions that will bring the design and creation of exhibition and event displays into the future.

Exhibitor Live is a leading trade show and event that is home to event management services, trading products and services, event management essentials and programs and much more. The 3-day educational event provides the platform for attendees to solve their toughest challenges by seeing solutions at work on the exhibition hall floor.

T3 Systems has been attending the exhibition for many years and attaches a special importance to the show. The team wanted to make a huge impression on the other exhibitors and the vast array of visitors who would be attending the show.


The design for 54 sqm floor space encapsulated the T3 solutions, each integrated into the broad range of structures that are made easier to design and create when using T3.

Some of the most unique displays were the massive 6-metre-high illuminated fabric back wall (see the various possibilities of mounting T3Wandlite), multiple LED panel wall, SmartDeco’s illuminated stage and event furniture, multiple T3Litebox displays in different configurations and the multiple integrations of multimedia.

The 6-metre-high fabric back wall was created using the T3Frame systems fusion and channel extrusions coupled with the Silverlite and Silvelite 45° fabric graphic mounting profiles. The inner walls featured many mounted LED panels, which showcases T3’s ability to integrate the future trends of the exhibition and event industry.  Find out more about T3’s various fabric graphic solutions.

SmartDeco’s event furniture was a fantastic edition to the exhibition stand. Showcasing that T3 can not only be used for displays but event furniture design as well. This emerging industry can be capitalised on by T3 and its various solutions. The furniture section of the stand also featured a multi-colour strobe stage. This was created using the T3Frame for the structure and the T3Wandlite in its RGB format to the create the multi-coloured effect.

The T3Litebox solution also featured heavily at the show with it being created into various configurations. One of the main feature pieces on the stand was the large ‘T’ lightbox that was mounted onto the back wall. This was achieved by using the Internal Corner infill (CHFLBII). This allows for a range of shapes to be created using the T3Litebox solution.


Exhibitor Live 2019 also provided the opportunity for T3 Systems to unveil their brand new T3TwistLite

This innovative concept is the first ever lightbox product to have a ‘wireless construction’. The concept behind the T3TwistLite is that the structure’s light illuminates without the need for joining wires. The connector has built in electrical contacts, and as the beam also, with electrical contacts, rotates into the connector and locks into place the electrical connection is made.


The installation of this massive showcase of T3 was complete by a team of 5 people in 10 hours without the use of tools or levers at any point of the construction. In this time the team was able to assemble all of the structures, mount graphics and configure lighting.

Once the show was finished a team 6 people was able to dismantle and pack up the entire stand in 3 hours 20 minutes. The profiles and extrusions are then able to be reconfigured and used in other projects down the line further promoting T3’s eco-friendly and cost-effective benefits.

Exhibitor Live 2019 was a fantastic success for us. From the start we had the mindset for this exhibition to create one of our most ambitions and innovative stands to date and we did just that. The structure that we included really encapsulated the essence of what it is to design and build with T3. The graphics, multimedia displays and general frameworks really allowed visitors to embrace the future of exhibition and event displays with T3. The exhibition also provided us with an excellent platform for us to unveil some of our newly innovated solutions that will bring the design and creation of displays into the future.

Philippe van Ameyde Director at T3 Systems

T3 Systems Portugal